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Why you should use Trickle Vents in your Doors and Windows?

You may have seen small discreet metal or plastic modules at the top of your door or window frames. These are known as Trickle Vents. They are used to keep the room fresh by letting in clean air. Apart from this, it is also a legal requirement to use Trickle vents in your doors and windows.

Not ventilating your room properly may affect the fabric of your building; it can even take a toll on your health. A few years ago, there were no issues with ventilation since homes were not really insulated the way they are today.

There weren’t any leaky lofts, loft insulation, cavity walls, or double glazing.

Today, in our efforts to make our homes energy efficient, we end up insulating our homes without letting fresh air in or the stale air out.

The result is a moist, damp and humid environment which can be bad for the building and unhealthy for its residents. Furthermore, cooking smells and steam, and sometimes even cigarette smoke (if you have the habit of smoking indoors) can get trapped into your home, making it difficult to breathe.

Trickle vents can help you prevent dampness, mould and condensation, letting fresh and clean air in, at all times.

Most professionals of the window industry may not like to use Trickle vents. But this is mostly because they don’t really understand the reason why these trickle vents are required. Most homeowners may end up closing or taping these openings forever. They may feel that it is not right to let cold air enter their homes, especially during winters. But this is not true.

Using trickle vents is not like keeping your window open. They let clean air flow into the room, without actually compromising on the security of your home.

Trickle vents are required by regulation, if you are constructing a new home or building an extension to your existing one. In case you are replacing old windows that already have trickle vents, you need to make sure your new windows have them too.

While trickle vents may seem unsightly for many, it does have a major role to play in keeping your building and your body healthy. It does let cold air in; but it is only to keep the environment at your home clean and fresh at all times. Purge ventilation and extraction may be options; but none can match the kind of benefits Trickle Vents can provide.