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What Does The Hospitality Industry Need To Know About The Bed Bug Threat?

If you are working in the hospitality industry, the last thing you want to see is to be listed on the website called BedbugRegistry.com. It is a free public database that lets people report their bedbug experiences, particularly at hotels. They can report by filling up a form which lets them list the hotel name and street address which is further translated into a dot-covered map of the US which displays the locations of each reported infestation. A list of hotel and other sites of infestation are also provided to the travelers. What the website doesn’t do is, verifying the reports, nor does it display any proof that the hotel has remedied the issue successfully.

The return of bedbugs has created an unavoidable and an annoying problem for the hospitality industry. One night, the rooms were totally pest free and can be infected again by a guest the very next day. Legal experts have keenly observed an upsurge in bedbug litigation with guests when they sue the hotels for millions of dollars. It doesn’t only impact the reputation of the hotel, but it also affects their dough significantly.

What usually doesn’t happen is hotels suing guests who bring the bedbugs with them. Bedbugs are deemed to be hitchhikers. They hitch a ride on guests’ luggage or clothing and enter the hotel room with them. Most of them do not leave with the guest, they make their place in and near the bed waiting for the next occupant and their next host. Bedbugs do not transmit any disease, per se, but they create considerable emotional distress. Half of the victims had itchy red welts which took two days to develop, complicating detection. And many hotel guests check out before the infestation is actually developed.

Of course, they are tough to kill. They have a hard cuticle which protects them. Many hotels have installed an arsenal of new services to fight the bedbugs:

  • Some hotels hire specially trained dogs to sniff out bedbugs. The services provide initial detection and follow up but not the extermination. A trained dog can inspect bedbugs in 2 to 3 minutes, indicating the areas to treat.
  • Installing bedbug proof mattress and box springs encasements to protect their bedding investment from the bedbug infestation. To know more about protection from bedbugs, visit this website, https://solutioncimex.com.