Top 10 Coolest Offices in the World

Today, most offices around the world are tricked out with stylish décor, comfortable furniture, and the latest technology. This is because the organisations understand that a well-designed workplace has a profound impact on staff productivity as well as the company’s bottom line.

Here’s a list of the coolest office spaces in the world:

  1. Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada

This media production facility is the biggest office on the list with 500,000 square feet of building space. It features a three-storey indoor slide, five-storey indoor bio-wall, shower facilities, outdoor patio, and outdoor barbecue. The company also has employee lounge amenities including table tennis, a football table and Muskoka chairs on the 4th floor overlooking Lake Ontario.

The building has on several occasions been named one of the world’s most impressive offices as well as one of the top 10 coolest places in the world to work in.

  1. Microsoft, Vienna, Austria

The three-storey Microsoft office in Vienna was designed by INNOCAD, an Austrian architecture in 2012. It features a reception wall covered in an x-ray image of a computer, coffee lounges with artificial grass, game rooms and a number of themed conference rooms.

  1. WeWork, Shanghai, China–shanghai–31

WeWork’s flagship China office measures about 59,000 square feet and accommodates 1,300 members. The former opium factory has a vibrant, open-floor work environment that features custom wallpapers and tiling, globe light fixtures, steel beams painted green, geometric mirrors, pastel terrazzo and other modern details.

  1. Airbnb, Dublin, Ireland

The Airbnb headquarters is set inside a disused warehouse that was once a commercial property for sale. It is divided into a series of primary workspaces and secondary workspaces. The primary workspaces consist of 29 neighbourhoods – each with a capacity of 14 people. Additionally, the workspaces have an identical lounge spot, a large table, personal storage and standing desks. The secondary workspaces feature meeting areas, a large open atrium and kitchen area. The facility also has a central staircase that serves as a lounge and a meeting area.

  1. Square, San Francisco, USA

Like most offices in the U.S., Square’s San Francisco office is designed to be open and collaborative. Everyone at the company has their own desk but no staff member – even the CEO – has his/her own office. Instead, it has 27 cabanas which can be used for small semiprivate meetings and a boardroom equipped with a 30-foot table, two videoconferencing monitors and Bose speakers. The office also features communal tables, a library, coffee bar, restaurant, and gallery.

  1. TBWA Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan

This advertising agency is located in a rather atypical building – an eight-storey amusement complex in downtown Tokyo. Its offices are adorned with indoors lawns allowing employees to connect with nature without venturing outside. 

  1. Nokia, Silicon Valley, USA

Nokia’s office space features bright, block colours and wooden panels. In addition to this, the office also has multitasking workstations, brainstorming pods, wellness centres, showers, and daybeds. 

  1. Groupon, Chicago, USA

Groupon’s headquarters in Chicago incorporates elements reflective of its unique culture and branding. The office features breakout spaces with ball pits and indoor swings, tiki lounges, a meeting room and a conference room.

  1. Quicken Loans, Detroit, USA

Quicken Loans headquarters, once a commercial property for sale, features sit-to-stand workstations, demountable wall offices, and brightly coloured rooms. Additionally, the company offers employees ample ways to decompress – including seating vignettes with sofas, armchairs and gas fireplaces, a pool table, basketball court and in-office scooters.

  1. Second Home, Lisbon, Portugal

Second Home is designed to spark creativity, wellbeing, and productivity among its members. The workspace has more than 1,000 plants that create a perfect blend of communality and privacy.