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Tips When Moving Home From Someone With Experience

Okay, let’s get something straight, I have moved a lot and by a lot, I mean a lot. I have moved a total of 11 times in the last 5 years, so you can call me somewhat of a seasoned veteran when it comes to moving. As such, I have some invaluable knowledge also that can really help on moving day.

Scientists have proven that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in our lifetime (which means I should be on the verge of a breakdown at this point!) so here I am, passing knowledge down to you to make your life easier with some quick tips for moving day.

Organise your boxes

This is moving tip number 1 and the most important in my opinion to save an incredibly stressful unpacking period.

When packing away your things into boxes clearly label which box is for which room and maybe even an outline to what’s in each box. This means when you get to your new home you (or your removals company) can simply put the boxes in their designated rooms, which makes unpacking a TONNE easier. Take it frome me, I didn’t do this the first time I moved and was constantly walking items across the house to the correct place. Exhausting.

Don’t leave anything you want behind

And by this, I mean scaling down a bit when you move.

Be absolutely ruthless when you’re emptying your loft and storage cupboards and ask yourself, do I genuinely need this? If not it’s always good to hire a tip to throw away these items to stop clutter in your new home.

Make sure you do a thorough final sweep before actually leaving your house so that you know that you have anything. You don’t want to be leaving things behind – it can cause a lot of unwanted stress and anyone moving in could get some decent freebies!

Get yourself some good help

Okay, here’s a biggie, rope in your friends and family, it can really help having the extra muscle and brain power to make sure your moving day goes smoothly. Also, at this juncture, it maybe worth also looking at potential removal companies to help you. I used a company called Moving Corp last time and they were exceptional – professional, friendly and priced really well.

If you’re going down the route of using a removal company make sure that you do your research though. I have made a recommendation there, but it’s always good to go and read your own reviews on companies before making an informed decision about which removal company is best for you.

Make sure you check their accreditations, reviews on top review sites, ask family and friends if they’ve used anyone – there are lots of ways and plenty of information available to make sure that you choose the best company possible for you.

Enjoy your move and I hope these small but massively effective tips help you on your moving day.