Tips to finding the right mortgage broker

The nuances involved in taking out a home loan might appear complicated, confusing and utterly lengthy to a first-time borrower. Due to the existences of an extensive network of policies, implementation of new rules every other month and a vast array of options to choose from, it is quite natural for a novice to seek a professional’s assistance to select the most suitable plan for themselves. By choosing a knowledgeable, accredited and well-recognized Austin mortgage broker, you can save yourself from unnecessary wastage of time and energy along with acquiring fitting mortgage lenders. So in this article, we provide you with some useful tips to select the perfect mortgage broker.

  • Research well online

Brokers who know the market well, are well-equipped with changing trends and are customer friendly often have online profiles and portfolios. An online research enables you to assess a broker’s reputation as well as reviews from his or her previous clients. Websites such as and are good enough for a start. Moreover, to check whether your selected broker has been faced with serious charges in the past, you can also run a quick search on The United States’ Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), this is an online registry wherein all necessary information about brokers’ frauds or charges is regularly updated. 

  • Beware of unrealistic advertisements

Similar to a stock market, the rates of the mortgage market fluctuate on a daily basis. Therefore, while looking for prospective brokers do ensure to stay clear from advertisements that post rates, promises or guarantees that seem quite impossible to deliver. Proceed with caution for any promotional ads received via email, text message, leaflet or voicemail.

  • Ask around

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth! Brokers that are successful in their trade often get popular owing to excellent reviews from their clients. A highly advisable tip from us would be to get recommendation from friends, colleagues, real estate agents or new home owners. Not only will it help you to narrow down the search but may also pave way for some personal discounts. While taking recommendations, do inquire about the mortgage broker’s credibility, how a person came to know about him or her and whether the services offered were satisfactory. 

  • Take interviews!

Once you’ve shortlisted a few brokers, move ahead to schedule interviews with all, preferably all within two or three days’ time. Make a list of questions, keep your doubts ready, ask about the application process and exactly at what rates or fees the broker usually deals with. Remember, a mortgage broker serves you, not the other way round. So before finalizing your broker or agent, make sure to know the person’s work in-and-out!

  • Trust is key

Mortgage brokers are the link between you and your future lender, hence it is crucial that you are able to trust your prospective broker well. Compare the information collected and based on the broker’s past experience, client reviews, interest in your financial goals and your personal interaction, make a well-informed and highly research final decision!