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Air Conditioner Choosing Is Simple Once You Know About the Types

Choosing an air conditioner may be challenging as you must know what size you require? The amount it will cost and will it be noisy? Here is a guide to get the right assistance in purchasing proper air cooling system. To begin with you must know about the air conditioner types:

  • Split-system: This system comes with an outdoor unit as compressor and there is an indoor unit that is connected by pipes. This cools more than one room or an area that in open-plan.

  • Multi-split: A split-system type featuring one outdoor unit that is connected to indoor units. Thus it cools or heats two or three rooms as well, if they are reasonably close and this is beneficial when a ducted system or separate split-systems is not possible owing to space limitations.
  • Ducted: The right option for an entire home requires temperature control and this is possible through a central unit that is connected to sensors and air outlets by ducts in each room. It should also have a control panel so that the target temperatures are set and the house zones cool or heat.
  • Wall/window: From the name, you can get idea that these are wall or window installed models featuring an external wall and can cool the rooms. Smaller units may be plugged into normal power points, while larger may need additional wiring. Nowadays the wall or window air conditioning system usage has become fewer and the split-systems are considered to be more affordable and efficient. For best ideas, check with gnrcorbus.com.

For most homes, a split-system reverse-cycle air conditioner is considered to be the best option.

Indoor unit types

  • High wall: This is the split-system commonly found and it comes with the indoor unit such that it is mounted high on a wall. It allows air flow to blow easily across the room, such that the cool air sinks down, thereby pushing hot air away and up.
  • Floor-mounted: This is also an indoor unit that can be wall-mounted, but the only point is that it is at floor level. This may be appropriate for some rooms and is a right option in case you consider using the unit for heating. As it is floor mounted, the hot air comes out at your level and rises touching the ceiling.

  • Cassette: The indoor unit here is mounted in the ceiling. Some are mounted in the ceiling or the floor.