3 reasons to choose porcelain tiles

If you still hesitate between ceramics and porcelain, or even between the tiles and the parquet, this article could help you. Here are the 3 advantages of porcelain tile, which make this material an interesting choice. Hopefully by reading this article you can get rid of your doubts about porcelain flooring. Let’s continue…

Porcelain floor has a unique appearance

We do not veil the face as the choice of a floor covering or wall covering is done primarily on the basis of its aesthetics. Nothing unusual, since they play a key role in the appearance of an interior. And that’s why porcelain tiles are so attractive. In addition to being available in countless colors, they can have many textures. Wood-imitation tiles are, for example, particularly stunning. You can find the easily by surfing on Internet. There are so many sites offering various wood-imitation tiles you can visit. But remember that you need to make sure you will buy only from reputable sites. Based on our experience, we suggest wood imitation tiles from Carreaux Metro.

Unparalleled durability

Unlike the floor, it is indeed very strong and keeps its original appearance for years. Because of their strength, porcelain tiles withstand shocks and scratches. They are therefore ideal for spaces “at risk” (cooking, for example), high traffic (the entrances, among others), but also any other living space that makes up a home. In other words, for rooms exposed to risky activities, porcelain tiles are a very suitable choice.

The quality / price ratio and the maintenance

Because it is strong and relatively inexpensive, porcelain flooring is one of the most profitable choices on the market. By choosing this one, you reduce the risk of having to renovate in 5 years, or to replace damaged portions of soil occasionally. The cost of renovation is quite expensive for most people and with the selection of the right materials then you can extend “the life of your house”, either partially or completely.

Finally, porcelain tiles are very easy to clean and, therefore, particularly hygienic. Contrary to parquet, or worse, to carpet, they require, in fact, a maintenance surface of the simplest, which is a great advantage for parts exposed to dirt (the entrances, for example) or the humidity (kitchens and bathrooms). Having a beautiful home does not mean we have to be preoccupied with all the boring tedious treatments.