Pros and Cons of an older home

When you’re deciding whether to buy an older home in the Penticton real estate market, there are many considerations to think through. You might like the idea of living in a home that has history. At the same time, you might worry about expensive repairs an older home might bring with it. Let’s take a […]


Commercial Property: The Best Investment You Can Make in 2019

The real estate industry remains the best investment you can have in your life since its market is ever growing. Excellent investments will make you have a comfortable future, provide you with other sources of income, help you during your retirement time and even help you get out of a financial jam. Above all, it […]

House Sale

A Quick Overview Of House Pilings And Related Aspects!

If you are building a new home, it makes sense to consider all relevant aspects before actual construction actually starts. Before we discuss on why pilings are used, let’s first understand the concept. Pilings can be made of wood, metal or concrete, but these are columns that are installed into the ground to support the […]